Virtual Choice to Perfect Interior.

Rendroom is the first mobile AR app to visualize different decoration materias right at your place. With waste number of product offers and clever assistance!

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Awesome features

RendRoom offers unique technology and perfect assistance in material selection.

  • Try materials immediately

    Try all the beautiful materials without leaving home.

  • Save your time

    Shopping trips, traffic jams, parking will eat spare time. RendRoom saves hours of your life.

  • Online Orders

    You can order materials from nearest DIY stores in a few taps.

  • Counsel with your friends

    Share your personal design ideas, and get response from your friends and family.

Choice Assistance

Intelligent assistance will help you choose the design you like from lots of materials.
We'll help save your time and money.

Best DIY App, ever

RendRoom is amazing application with amazing technology for high quality material demonstration.

  • High resolution,
  • High performance,
  • It`s as easy as take a picture!
  • Share with friends,
  • AND place an order in a few taps!

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